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Sex & Fun

You’ve heard that it’s the source of Earth-shattering pleasure. You’ve heard that it’s a myth. We’re here to separate G-spot fact from G-spot fiction. 


Okay, seriously, what is it?
The G-spot is an area composed of erectile tissue on the anterior wall of the vagina. 

I’m sorry, what? You’ll find it on the front wall of the vagina, an inch or two in, toward the belly. It’s made of erectile tissue, so it swells when you get aroused.

And this is fun because…?
When you’re turned on, massaging the G-spot (or having a partner do it for you) can feel great. For many people, G-spot stimulation can lead to deeper, more intense orgasms. 

I heard it makes you pee. Will I pee?
Nope. The G-spot surrounds your urethra, and when you’re really enjoying yourself, that whole area is going to be filled with arousal fluid. Sometimes, some of that clear liquid will get pushed out through your urethra. This is called female ejaculation or squirting.

I’m sold. How do I find my G-spot?
First, get turned on. Then, insert a finger or two, and crook them in the classic “come hither” gesture. Your G-spot may feel swollen, and it will have a more pronounced texture, a little like a walnut. If you can’t reach it comfortably, you can use a curved toy. 

Found it! Now what? Now you get to see what feels good to you. Try giving your G-spot a firm massage, like you’re rubbing a knot in your shoulder. Try using a tapping motion. Try circling it with your fingers. Not everyone is going to love G-spot play on its own, so try combining it with something you know you like, like clit stimulation. Have fun!