Intensity of the third dimension

    • Not a vibrator, but a pulsator
    • Low-frequency thrusting mimics organic movement
    • Gentle to powerful stimulation
    • For vaginal and anal pleasure
    • Textured, ribbed design
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    • Petrol
    • Blackberry
    • Black
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    STRONIC DREI - The pulse of a new erotism

    STRONIC DREI wins over fans with its unique STRONIC technology, which imitates natural thrusting movement. The curved tip always finds the g-spot when used vaginally and pleasures with each of its ridges. The flared base not only arouses the clitoris and perineum but also allows for the STRONIC DREI to be used anally. This pulsator is not only an extremely thrilling toy for solo sex but also the perfect toy for couples. 

    The STRONIC DREI for the experienced pleasure traveler who knows exactly what he or she wants.

    • StrongTOY
    • Not a vibrator, but a pulsator
    • Low-frequency thrust movements mimic organic movement  
    • Gentle to powerful stimulation
    • For vaginal and anal pleasure
    • Textured, ribbed design
    • 4 rhythms and 6 intensities
    • Simple operation: press FUN to play
    • Battery display
    • Quick switch off with the FUN button
    • Safety lock for quiet transport
    • Powerful, quiet and long-lasting motor 
    • “Made in Germany“
    • Made of 100% medical-grade silicone – harmless to the body and odorless 
    • Silky smooth surface
    • 100 % waterproof
    • Easy to clean with TOYCLEANER or water and mild soap 
    • Size: 23.9 cm, Ø 4.0 cm
    • In Petrol or Blackberry
    • Widen your sexual horizon with FUN FACTORY’s informative STRONIC-booklet! 

    The third of the bunch, STRONIC DREI is right up there with its trailblazing predecessors EINS and ZWEI. Just turn on this sturdy companion once to get an idea of how much passion this revolutionary pulsator bestows.

    Thanks to its powerful structuring and the STRONIC power unit, the STRONIC DREI pleasures from inside step by step. Every single ridging noticeably boosts the intensity of the thrusting motions. The slightly curved shape of the STRONIC DREI exactly stimulates the G-spot, while the thicker toy end enchants the clitoris. Its hold ensures safe anal fun, and it pleasures the anus and perineum, allowing men to take part in the pleasure of the STRONIC DREI as well.

    Not that the STRONIC DREI could replace a lover, but not much is missing when this powerful StrongTOY with its ten finely adjustable, thrilling stimulation levels brings you to climax vaginally and anally thrust for thrust. The rhythmic back and forth motions are not only surprisingly new, but also very naturalistic and arousing for him and her!

    The pulsator STRONIC DREI boasts a patented, unique power unit that promises very strong impulses. The perfected shape, ten variable stimulation rhythms and an innovative operating unit that ensures intuitive control all make the STRONIC DREI an absolute must.

    The slightly curved shape of the STRONIC DREI allows for a variety of stimulations of the G- spot or the prostrate gently increasing, wild, massive or pumping. Each ridging on the silicone sheath intensifies the thrilling sensations that the STRONIC DREI releases in you from lightly stimulating to really powerful! A thicker element at the toy end ensures safe pleasure and tickles the clitoris, perineum and anus.

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    • SKU: 4000364 - EAN 4032498801025 (Blackberry)

    The elegant, sleek shape is optimally designed for the back and forth motions.


    This toy can be used anally.


    The rounded, slightly tipped end makes it easy to insert. The ridged details and the start of the shaft intensify the impact on the clitoris.


    It's submersible waterproof!


    STRONIC is a battery operated pulsator with an attached and integrated battery charger inside the toy. It is charged using the original MAGNETIC CHARGER of the CLICK'N'CHARGE system.


    All FUN FACTORY toys are invented, developed, designed AND produced in Bremen, Germany.


    FUN FACTORY offers a diverse and colorful spectrum of toys all made with 100 % medical-grade silicone.


    Carefully clean the toy before first use and after each use with warm water and a mild soap. The CLEANER is especially suited for cleaning erotic toys as well as for gently washing genital areas.


    A few drops of lubricant ensure a pleasant feeling when inserting the toy. FUN FACTORY recommends a water-based lubricant such as the TOYFLUID.


    For more information please download our  user manual. .


    23,9cm and 4cm, 417g


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