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Erotic Toys

Erotic toys – a powerful trend for tender moments

Erotic toys – a special attraction

“Erotic” is one of those words we are always coming across. Whether on television, or in the Internet, a bookshop, or a perfume or jeans store – the assertion that someone is “erotic” is difficult to avoid, which is a shame because too much of a thing can water down the quality. Yet the meaning of “erotic” originally stretched beyond the realm of the bedroom. In its ancient Greek origins erotic meant “with respect to love”  encompassing all the senses and meaning a harmonious union of spiritual, intellectual and physical love. A bit much for day-to-day life perhaps, but one thing is clear -  even now the erotic can't be narrowed down to just the sexual.

No ready-made sex

Rather than stark nudity, sometimes a look, a piece of clothing, a gesture or an object can inspire erotic thoughts in a person. Ever so often it's also an interesting erotic toy that stimulates.

Particularly couples who only manage to emit weak sensual impulses are increasingly taken with the man-made, even artistic stimulation products (for example, from FUN FACTORY). Yet it's about more than some tasteless sex drive boost, which erotic toys were often associated with in the early days of their “red light” associations. What plays a bigger role is the need for love, intimacy and a desire to find greater expression. Yet of course the use of dildos, vibrators and other erotic toys is always imbued with a touch of sexual adventure, which is totally acceptable and not as recent as you may think. Even in ancient times, people were aware of the attraction of genitally shaped passion boosters. In the 1960s, the American underground writer William Burroughs created a literary memorial to the dildo “Steely Dan” never guessing that the use of erotic toys was already on the way from taboo to trend and even becoming a matter of course. Because playfulness is always a path to experiencing the erotic in its most essential form...