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    • All FUN FACTORY toys are invented, developed, designed AND handcrafted in Bremen, Germany.

20 years of colorful sex toys, made in Germany! Now that’s a reason to celebrate! In 2016, we look back on all of FUN FACTORY’s successes as a pioneer of silicone toys that are innovative, stimulating, exciting, powerful, and, of course, FUN—and we look forward to all of the groundbreaking toys in our future. Be ready for a few surprises as we celebrate our anniversary! To stay up to date on our year-long anniversary party, keep checking back here or join our newsletter.


FUN - a feeling that we want to share with you in 2016, and in countless many years to come! Tingling sensations, pulsations, vibrations - we’re celebrating all the FUN ways we get you there. With our FUN FACTORY attitude to life, our toys, tips on sex and FUN, we add a little something extra to the sex lives of singles or couples, men and women, 365 days a year.

Over the course of the year, we’ll take you through our four basic principles: innovation, performance, fun, and passion. This season, we’ll be introducing you to all of the ways that FUN FACTORY has innovated the adult toy industry. Plus, we’ll be releasing some innovative new toys for you to try!
Let the party begin! After all, you only turn 20 once!



The 4th Quarter

We’re ending our year-long 20th anniversary celebration by heating up the holiday season! This quarter’s Passionate Holidays campaign is all about keeping things steamy even when the weather is cold and everything needs doing at once.

Worried a winter bug will waylay your plans? Turns out that sex boosts your immune system! Too busy with holiday preparations for a long session? We’ve compiled our top tips for a completely satisfying quickie. And don’t forget the gifts! We’ve made shopping easy with a holiday gift guide and all the toys you need to revolutionize your sex in the new year!

Plus, with orders 89,90 € or over, you’ll receive a limited edition TOYBOX featuring a FUN FACTORY inspired pattern by award-winning designer Karim Rashid. This box is perfect for stylish storage, discreet charging, and presenting a FUN FACTORY gift to your sweetie—no wrapping paper required! 


THE 3rd Quarter

We’re halfway through our 20th anniversary year, and we’ve decided that it’s time to focus on what’s really important about this company: FUN!

FUN FACTORY is turning our third quarter into a Summer of FUN!

We’ll teach you the ins and outs of traveling with sex toys, give you tips for having better sex in water on those hot summer days, help you plan a sexy end-of-summer staycation, and more. 

Sex is fun. Toys are fun. Summer should be too.

Want to take the summer with you? Discover our brand-new special edition TOYBAG by star-designer Karim Rashid! 


The 2nd Quarter 

We’re a quarter of the way through our 20th anniversary year, and we’re still feeling the FUN! 

FACTORY's appealing and innovative shapes have garnered awards inside and outside the industry—like the DELIGHT, the first adult toy to win a mainstream design award.
Industry insiders love that our medical grade materials are the highest quality out there.
Fun enthusiasts love our bright colors, waterproof designs, and super strong motors! 

FUN FACTORY was founded because two engineers wanted to create a better sex toy than anything else on the market, and we try to do that with every toy we design. Each FUN FACTORY toy is made in Germany using twenty years of expert knowledge—designed, produced, and packaged under one roof. Every vibrator and pulsator comes with a warranty, because we believe in FUN YOU CAN TRUST. 

Get to know more about FUN FACTORY's manufacturing process by meeting the DELIGHT, discover what makes FUN FACTORY toys so special and find out why your toy is shaped like that


The 1st quarter

Just like once the Bremen Town Musicians, in 1996 the fresh-faced electrical engineers Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl found themselves unexpectedly in an adventure with a happy ending. With the vision to create stylish sex toys that were appealing to women, technically reliable and made from body-safe materials, the first models were created at home on the kitchen table, paving the way for today’s flourishing business. The FUN FACTORY is now one of the most successful sex toy manufacturers in Europe. Today, our pulsators, vibrators, SMARTBALLS, dildos, masturbators, plugs & co. excite men and women, couples and single people all over the world! In the first quarter INNOVATION & REVOLUTION of our anniversary year we reveal more about our latest sex toys and the revolutionary and innovative ideas of the last 20 years!

Find out more about the STRONIC family, the Bi STRONIC FUSION and discover 20 tips to revolutionize your sex life!

We celebrate 20 years - in addition to that we give you 20 FUN FACTS about FUN FACTORY! Find out what Play-Doh has to do with sextoys, how the first toy was called and and what makes our vibrators from the G5-series so special. Learn where the FUN comes from! 


Bremen, a city in northern Germany. Widely known for its the football, the trade at its port, its beer... and the FUN FACTORY! Twenty years ago, Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl founded the town’s signature sex toy factory. Colorful, friendly and functional, with the highest standards of technology, materials and design, FUN FACTORY toys are proudly "Made in Bremen".