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Face Your FUN CUP Fears - Your menstrual questions, answered

Intrigued by the convenience, savings, and eco-friendly advantages of a FUN CUP, but something’s holding you back? We’re here to answer your questions and take your anxieties seriously. 

It sounds messy. What if I spill?


Real talk: you will probably get some amount of blood on your fingers at some point. That said, it’s not the horror movie scene it sounds like. When you’re removing your FUN CUP, it’s pretty easy to hold it upright until it’s out and then turn it upside down to empty it into the toilet. We don’t recommend emptying it while you’re wearing a flowing white bell sleeves, but you probably wouldn’t do that with a tampon either. 

If you’re really worried about mess, one option is to empty, rinse, and put it back in in the shower. 

FUN CUP Menstural Cup


What if I drop it in the toilet?

Fishing anything out of the toilet is the opposite of fun, but at least it’s not your phone, right? If the worst happens, you can wash it off and then boil it for three minutes to sterilize it before the next time you use it. Besides, the lightly textured surface near the tip makes easy to hang on to. 

I’m worried I’ll lose it. That’s way more expensive than losing a tampon!

Good news: your FUN CUP will pretty much either be in your body or hanging out in its antimicrobial bag between periods. Find a permanent home for it in your purse, messenger bag, drawer, or glove compartment, and you’ll always know where to find it when you’re not using it. Plus, each kit comes with two cups, so even if you do lose one, you’re still covered. Even if you do have to replace it, it’s cheaper than spending 50 Euros per year on tampons. 


I don’t like the idea of putting my fingers into my vagina

That’s okay! If inserting a finger is going to make you unhappy, then this may not be the menstrual product for you. If you’re interested in the FUN CUP, though, it might be worth seeing if getting up close and personal with your parts is actually icky for you or just unfamiliar. It can feel odd if you’re not used to it, but after a while it just becomes routine—and it can help you learn more about your body. 

The process of inserting it seems overwhelming and time-consuming

While you’re getting used to using a FUN CUP, putting it in place and making sure you’ve created a secure seal will take more time than simply using a tampon or pad. After a while, though, it becomes second nature, just like anything else you do regularly. Plus, many people only have to do it a couple of times a day, so you save time overall. 

It sounds like too much maintenance



Let’s break this down: the FUN CUP holds 4-6x as much as a tampon. If you wash or rinse it out every time you take it out, that’s maybe an extra minute in the bathroom a couple times a day. If you boil it once a month, that’s a ten-minute process, start to finish, that you can take care of while you’re already in the kitchen doing something else. Compare that to having to change a tampon every 4 hours, and then add the tampon-or-pad-related maintenance that you do (buying them, stocking your bag, taking out the bathroom trash), and a little boiling doesn’t sound so bad. If you don’t want to boil it, just wash it thoroughly with hot water and fragrance-free soap.

Can it possibly be comfortable? It looks too big, and the suction sounds weird

FUN CUP Menstrual Cup


While the FUN CUP can be rolled up to a tampon-like size for insertion, once it’s open, it’s definitely bigger than a tampon. Nonetheless, thanks to its flexible silicone, it’s so comfortable you won’t even notice you’re wearing it. Many folks who’ve used other menstrual cups report that the FUN CUP’s unique shape makes it a more comfortable fit. Plus, the two size options mean you can choose the one that’s best for your body. As for the suction, it doesn’t feel like a suction cup. The only way you’ll notice if it’s created a seal is by giving it a little tug to see if it moves.

I’m overwhelmed by having to pick a size

If you don’t know what size is right for you, try the FUN CUP EXPLORE KIT, which comes with one of each (at no additional cost). Many people prefer to use FUN CUP SIZE A for light days and FUN CUP SIZE B for heavier days, so you may find that you like having two different sizes. 



I bleed too much for it to work

A heavier flow just means you should empty your cup more often. It’s still going to buy you more time than even a super absorbent tampon. 

How do I know when to empty it?

You get a sense pretty quickly. Try emptying it more frequently when you first start and seeing how full it is. That should give you a sense of the FUN CUP’s capacity relative to your flow. It will also get a little heavier as it gets full, so you’ll feel it before you need to empty it.

How do I know the material is safe?

It absolutely is! The FUN CUP is made from medical grade silicone, a hypoallergenic, non-porous material that won’t trap bacteria over time. You can even sterilize it by boiling. Plus, it’s made in Germany, where sexual health products are regulated to ensure that they comply with EU standards for safety and health.


TSS is very rare, both in general and with menstrual product use. It is very dangerous and can also be deadly under some circumstances without treatment. TSS can occur for any one of several reasons and is caused by toxic strains of bacteria entering the bloodstream.

Symptoms of TSS:

  • sudden fever
  • shivering attack
  • sickness
  • vomiting
  • muscular pain
  • drop in blood pressure
  • dizziness

If symptoms appear, take the FUN CUP out and go to the doctor. Make sure to tell the doctor that you used an insertable menstrual product. If you have had TSS before, it is not recommended that you use the FUN CUP. To reduce risk of TSS please follow instructions for use. In general, we recommend consulting with your doctor before using a new menstrual product.