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Sex & Fun

Why, why, why:
Various TOY shapes and what lies behind them!

Sure, we take a little from the natural ways of our body in designing our shapes. But we also like to think outside the box and let our imagination run free. With the focus on the functionality of our shapes we stay true to the motto „form follows function!“

The creation of each new sex toy begins with an idea, which is then brought to paper via sketches and drawings. These first designs are paired with technical details and transferred to digital 3D models. The inspiration behind our new toys comes to our designers from many different sources – from automobiles to flora and fauna, or famous architecture. That the human anatomy and sexual behavior as well as FUN must be incorporated into these designs is from the onset clear and second nature.

When the first functioning prototypes are ready, depending on the type of toy, they are passed along to our user groups for intensive testing. Based on user feedback, the toys are tweaked and optimized if necessary, until each and every groove, curve or bump stimulates exactly where it should! Only then are our new sex toys ready for production.

Here are some glorious examples of our shapes

Rechargeable vibrators

#A Following every movement, thanks to the innovative FlexiFUN Technology™

#B Ribbed toys, like the TIGER or SEMILINO, ensure extra-intense moments on the way in and on the way out with structuring you can feel. The heavily ribbed toy sheath rubs and enhances the waves of sensation on insertion.

: Enjoy riding these waves another way – slowly, centimeter for centimeter, whilst holding the toy in place with your pelvic floor muscles.

#C Toys with a curved shaft: the gentle curves of e.g. PATCHY PAUL or MOODY add an extra portion of hot desire to ensure you get your kicks during lovemaking. You’ll find smooth surfaces with a curved toy tip on the BIG BOSS or CALICE.
The velvety smooth sheath glides along effortlessly, easily reaching absolutely every hot spot.

#D The bend of the tip is worked out perfectly to accurately stimulate the G-spot. The firm, slightly bent end of the BIG BOSS is ideally suited for those who like a more filled-out sensation. And, used externally, it’s also perfectly suited for a wonderful massage of the labia, clitoris or perineum.

#E The slightly bent tip and grooved structure of CALICE’s sheath indulge, – gently or more intensively - exciting the G-spot right on target. 

#F Used as a lay-on vibrator, CALICE’s flower bud shaped tip nestles snuggly against the sensitive clitoris, whilst also tenderly stimulating the labia.

Interested in a hot role-play?

Perfect! The shape of the shorter end of the SHARE & SHAREVIBE perfectly nestles into the female anatomy and the toys are held playfully by the pelvic floor muscles. This way, they are even usable without a harness and pass on every movement and every thrust – absolutely hands free.

#A Both TOY ends reach the G-spot, whether playing the active or passive role.

#B Thanks to perfectly formed curves, the connection of the shorter and longer parts of the toy stimulates the clitoris of the active woman during lovemaking.

#C Velvety, slender and flexible, the SHAREVIBE scores also during man-woman roll reversal – P-spot massage included.

Prostate, Perineum & More

Its ergonomic shape was developed with the expertise of urologists. Its breadth provides an arousing feeling of fullness.

#A Thanks to innovative curves, the DUKE massages the prostate with absolute accuracy.

#B What’s more, depending on the position of the anal toy, the sensitive perineum and the testicles are stimulated (simultaneously!) – for sensational orgasm and increased stamina.


It’s all in the head!

#A The COBRA LIBRE II encloses the head and top part of the penis, gently or powerfully.

#B The velvety exterior made of medical silicone is perfectly suited to rub up against – and that’s where your partner comes into play!