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Sex & Fun


Fresh out of the FUN FACTORY: the right TOY for each and every taste. 

Admittedly, we are mighty proud of our colorful and extensive product line. Our range of TOYS, made from odorless, medical grade silicone, is mind blowing as we or any sex toy enthusiast will tell you, but as a first time user, plowing your way through the myriad of choices can be tough. At a first glance, it’s even more difficult to find the right TOY to suit your every wish, need or desire.

But, whether dildo, vibrator, pulsator or SMARTBALLS: you’ll find your way easily through the sex toy jungle here with info that’s short, sweet and to the point.

The DILDO – pure FUN!



Even people in the Stone Ages didn’t sit around twiddling their thumbs: the first dildos, or better said, the first phallic shaped objects made from stone, leather, wood or clay have been found in countless excavation sites around the world, ergo: quality prevails! Today in the 21st century, dildos belong to the most popular toys worldwide for men, women, single people or couples.

The way to recognize any dildo: it doesn’t have a motor. Dildos delight instead using manual back and forth motions after penetration, whether vaginal or anal. Especially appealing about the dildo is the feeling of being well ‚filled out’, or wonderfully tight, for example during double penetration. With their slightly curved tip, these TOYS have the G-spot or the sensitive prostate firmly set in sight.

Made from velvety, medical grade silicone, all FUN FACTORY dildos score with their wide base. Plus, this base makes these toys safe for anal play, as the base prevents the toy from sliding in too far. The second plus: thanks to the wide TOY base, these dildos can be used with a harness as a strap-on without any fuss.

The VIBRATOR – for sensually intense massages



The telling difference between a dildo and a vibrator is the motor. FUN FACTORY vibrators have one or even two motors. These motors intensify stimulation with their range of vibration rhythms and intensities.

Just how wonderful this feeling is was discovered more than 2000 years ago when Egyptian women indulged themselves using papyrus bags filled with living bees. The much less riskier vibrators of today stimulate women (and men) with their different shapes, sizes and colors thanks to their especially long lasting and ultra quiet motors (rechargeable or battery operated). Stinger? No way! And that’s another thing the FUN FACTORY vibrators have over bees – they are all waterproof and can be put into play in the shower or in the bathtub. Cleopatra would be green with envy!

Classic or with a little something extra



An important and deciding factor to consider before you buy: vibrators come in two different models – as a classic (phallic) vibrator or as a vibrator with an additional extension. A real must-have for most women, the extension massages the highly erogenous clitoris parallel to the vaginal use of the vibrator for particularly intense orgasms. The latest vibrators with extensions: the dual-action TOYS with two independent and separately operable motors such as the MiSS Bi or the LADY Bi.

For those who rather concentrate on just one hot spot, classic vibrators are ideal and can also be used to stimulate the clitoris wonderfully when used externally. But beware: a vibrator without a wide base is not suitable for anal play. A vibrator with an extension is safer and reliably prevents the toy from sliding in completely.

The PULSATOR – close to the real thing



Looking for a little more? How about a pulsator that thrusts instead of vibrates?! Put in other words, the patented motor used in FUN FACTORY’s pulsators mimic man’s natural thrusting motions. The impressive TOYS of the STRONIC family literally add that extra kick to the bedroom. The choice is yours between the different models: the STRONIC REAL pleasures vaginally and the STRONIC DREI, with its ridges and slightly flanged end, works perfectly both ways.

Things get especially exciting with the Bi STRONIC FUSION, the worldwide first that vibrates and pulsates at the same time! The extension stimulates the clitoris and labia with mild to wild vibrations, whilst you are simultaneously pleasured via intense thrusts!
Get ready for the supernova of all inventions: FEEL THE FUSION!

The SMARTBALLS – mobile training for your pelvic floor


The FUN FACTORY’s SMARTBALLS are the so-called love balls or vaginal balls. And who invented them? According to record, the Japanese. The so-called “Ben Wa“ balls made from metal or ivory were worn in 500 AD by Japanese women. At that time, the balls were inserted vaginally or anally to increase man’s (!) pleasure during sexual intercourse. Nowadays this use is more secondary. Particularly as using SMARTBALLS for anal use is not safe. In this case, use the B BALLS DUO or the B BALL UNO with base. 



The actual benefit of the SMARTBALLS lies in the strengthening of the pelvic floor, or to be more exact, the training of the extremely important muscle group between the pubic bone and the tail bone that closes the female pelvis. Only a strong pelvic floor prevents the lowering of the inner organs or muscle related incontinence, for example after giving birth, and supports the whole body.

Small rotating balls inside the SMARTBALLS help when used daily to keep the pelvic floor muscles contracted once the balls have been vaginally inserted and set in motion. And the best of all: since the pelvic floor muscles also surround the vagina, this training brings about extra intense orgasms, for him and her. With well-trained muscles, the woman can clench her partner more tightly and more purposely.