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Sex & Fun

Read here all about what items you should pack this year for a perfect, sunny, summer holiday with your partner.

You know what we are talking about, right?

On holidays, far removed from the daily grind, you wear bolder and more racy clothes, dance more wildly, sing more loudly and even seduce your lover on the beach. 

It’s clear why. On holiday, no one knows you and – more importantly – your stressful job, your worries and troubles are far, far away. A successful holiday guarantees to revive even the oldest love affairs with new life. 

It’s gettin’ hot out here!



Holidays – the way to spice up any relationship!

Whether in a tent, campervan, in a holiday apartment or a hotel, from waking up to going to bed together nothing is more different to your everyday routine in your own four walls. Fact is: on holiday we take more time for each other, talking the night through or dancing cheek to cheek, whilst the fiery red sun sinks down over the sea.

And that leaves you wanting more. Surveys have shown that couples on holiday have sex significantly more times, and have more experimental sex, than when at home. Our tip: seize the moment and make sure you add one, two or three hot sex toys to your packing li

A threesome, but different: holidays with dildos, vibrators & co.



How about an exciting role-play in your hotel room, or even a game of role reversal?

Not only new-on-the-scene TOY owners can enjoy a sexy partner TOY like the SHAREVIBE or the NEW WAVE. Or surprise your partner with a more creative three-way by adding the COBRA LIBRE II or the LAYASPOT (vibrates pleasantly wherever you put it) to your repertoire.

Staying in style with your own pool or in an apartment with an XXL bathtub? Perfect!
Most FUN FACTORY TOYS like the AMORINO and the MiSS Bi are 100% waterproof and can be used without a hitch for your erotic bathing pleasure.

For love filled games on dry land, please use only water based lube, such as the FUN FACTORY TOYFLUID. Please note: Using sun creams or oils for this purpose can cause irreversible damage to the control unit and the whole toy. 

Sex TOYS in your luggage



Our tips getting you hot for more? In some countries, carrying sex toys in your luggage or hand luggage is strictly forbidden. Remember to check the entry requirements of your destination before you take off and whether or not you’re allowed to take your sex toy with you.

Safely and hygienically packed in style in the right TOYBAG – whether using a classical or a (NEW!) colorfully designed TOYBAG by Karim Rashid, dildos, vibrators, pulsators & co. can join you discretely – thanks to the integrated key lock – as the perfect travel companion.

What’s more, FUN FACTORY TOYS can be recharged all over the world without a problem as the magnetic CLICK’N’CHARGE technology works at every USB port. Going camping in the middle of nowhere? Great! Simply pack a classic dildo like the BOUNCER or a battery operated TOY like the OCEAN or the GIGOLINO and (!) with it a big bag of batteries.

Away from appointments, chores and constant time pressure, it’s wonderful to just relax and enjoy freely experimenting and widening new horizons. And the best of all – your newly rekindled passion won’t just be a wonderful memory, but will be something you can take home with you, guaranteed to last at the very least until your next holiday!