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Sex & Fun

Years ago, FUN FACTORY set out to make a toy that would mimic the motions of partner sex.
Now, our patented STRONIC technology has a devoted following of folks who can’t get enough of their thrusting, pulsating action. 

The entire Stronic line has received raves for its hands-free thrusting technology. With their satisfying weight for G-spot or prostate play, variety of thrusting and pulsating functions, and colorful, appealing designs, STRONIC toys have become the go-to toy for pleasure product enthusiasts everywhere. Waterproof, discreet, and rechargeable, with a lock function for hassle-free travel, these are the first thrusting toys to promise a sense of luxury as well as play.

In late 2017, we introduced the STRONIC G, the first toy in our PULSATOR II category. 25% lighter and 10% slimmer than the original line, with a sleek new design, the STRONIC G is shaped to target the G-spot, for an orgasm-expanding massage. The STRONIC REAL was designed with a realistic shape, for all the customers who had been asking for a toy that “feels like the real thing.” STRONIC SURF, the latest offering in the PULSATOR II category, massages you from the inside, hitting every nerve ending, for a satisfyingly full feeling and surround-sound pleasure.


Glad you asked! Here you can download our STRONIC BOOKLET. You would like to hold it in your hand? Order the STRONIC BOOKLET for free with your purchase!
Also discover our STRONIC HOW TO with lots of positions to try out!