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Sex & Fun

FUN for all sorts! A look at our current toys for men – for singles and couples 

We’re all for equal rights for men – and those for men’s toys. Whilst sex toys for HER have enjoyed popularity for some time now, toys for HIM in comparison have been slow to get going. Despite the fact that the variety and sexy finesse of man toys has never been broader and more exciting . In a nutshell: it’s high time for a quick look at men’s toys, and perhaps for a little clearing up of certain preconceptions – all in the name of equality.

A glance at the classics

Tip number one: put a ring on it! Penis rings are the ultimate proof that a ring can really move things forward in a relationship. They offer that little something extra during sex with a partner. The flexible silicone ring gives the wearer a maximal erection, whilst the partner can get excited about extra stimulation to the perineum or clitoris and longer lasting love making.

Meanwhile, fans of anal games can count on dildos with a wide, safe base, as well as plugs in all shapes and sizes. By the way, for those curious to start out with anal sex there are excellent smaller options like the B BALL UNO or anal chains that can slowly and gently expand your horizons. P.S. Don’t forget the lube! (And remember: the more, the merrier!



For those more experienced, we recommend a cleverly designed anal vibrator for men, guaranteed to rev up not just the high-tech fans amongst you. Intuitively programmable prostate vibrators like, for example, the DUKE score with their intensely stimulating sensation of being filled out, their pinpoint prostate stimulation and their optimized endurance.


Happy endings thanks to high-tech: an ingenious man toy conquers the market

Being the most innovative contribution to the man’s toy world, the COBRA LIBRE II offers you a whole new experience. Be prepared:  This futuristically designed beauty, shining in totally new style, will imitate the best blowjob of your life! Velvety soft silicone and two dynamic, quiet motors with as much as 11 amazing vibration rhythms are part and parcel of this unique companion. You think our COBRA looks like a sleek racecar? What are you waiting for? Get yourself into the hottest man toy of all time.