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Sex & Fun


Sometimes life feels full of comprises. Whether it’s the either-or choices of the daily grind or the should I-shouldn’t I of tricky decisions. And we find ourselves in endless daydreams: what does it look like, that perfect holiday on the Caribbean or our dream apartment? Who is that perfect partner who understands us in and out and makes us happy? Sure, dreaming is great and we should never stop, but at some point, reality always kicks in. And so it’s no wonder that men and women settle for a lot less in the bedroom than their hopes and dreams would have them aspire to. Less variety, less FUN – and unfortunately…fewer orgasms.

You know exactly what we are talking about? Well, here’s some good news: unlike the perfect love story, the perfect love TOY does come true, and is waiting for you at the FUN FACTORY. In fact, you’ll find two of them. We’re talking about our dual action vibrators, MiSS Bi and LADY Bi

Orgasm guarantee thanks to two individually controlled motors


The absolute highlights of our brightly colored vibrators are the two powerful and individually controllable motors. You’ll find one in the shaft, and the other in the flexible extension, giving these innovative and multitalented gems ways of pleasuring you both at the clitoris as well as from a little deeper inside. Simultaneous stimulation and double the vibration, and yet flexible and as individual as you’d like it. 



Anal lovemaking is part of your satisfying repertoire? No problem – the well-designed shape of our dual action vibrators means anal use is as safe as it is stimulating.

Double the stimulation yet, as always, so easy to use



Whether playing solo or during sex with a partner, thanks to the perfectly curved handle MiSS Bi and LADY Bi remain perfectly ergonomic, no matter the position. And you’ll find the control panel just as easy and intuitive to use – just three little buttons are all you need to get your orgasm guarantee buzzing to life. And the extra-special bonus? After your first test drive, store your favorite rhythm and vibration combo-setting easily at the touch of a button. You’ll be all set to go for double the FUN in round two…and three…

A- or G-Spot: what’s your choice of hotspot?!

By the way, at a first glance you’ll notice the difference in shape of our two dual action toys. And just as the names go, you’ll find the MiSS the smaller, and the LADY the bigger of the two. But there’s another difference that’s concealed in the size of these two toys, and it’s about your choice of hotspot stimulation. Whilst MiSS Bi takes care of your clitoral and G-spot needs, the longer LADY Bi has her eye on stimulating the clitoris and the A-spot – the sensitive area just below the cervix – to give you wetter and more intensive orgasms.

In short, compromise is a thing of the past! We’re living the dream with our dual action TOYS, made in Germany. With MiSS Bi and LADY Bi, it’s all about more variety, more FUN and more intensive orgasms, guaranteed. To put it simply – it’s all about DOUBLE THE FUN!