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Sex & Fun

Anal chains – pearl for pearl a real experience 

Particularly in our fast paced times it can be a real comfort to just slow down. Putting the brakes on the tempo can sometimes be the fastest way to pleasure. Slow motion action allows lots of impressions to be experienced big and large. In action movies we know it as the suspense effect, and it's pretty similar in bed. For a private (re-)discovery of slowness sometimes it's not enough to just take more time. It makes more sense and fun to grab a special sex toy – the anal chain.

Chain reactions

The attractive FUN FACTORY version is up to 32 cm long and consists of elements of varying sizes lined up one after another. These are then inserted anally bit by bit, releasing an especially deep sensation. The more slowly users go about it, the more intense the experience. But this first little sexual chain reaction isn't all. It can be experienced all over again and even more intensely when slowly and passionately pulling out the pleasantly firm but flexible anal toy. By the way – the toys are  pleasing to the eye too. The audaciously curving anal chains from FUN FACTORY stand out with a catchy interplay of shapes and color. An artistic feat that gives your personal love life a new direction.