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Sex & Fun

Stimulates the A-Spot! WTF is the A-Spot?

Stimulating the a-spot (close to the cervix) can make you wetter & more aroused and lead to awesome orgasms. Deep, base tone vibration keeps you from feeling over-stimulated or numb, for greater sensitivity and longer play! 

Got questions about this underrated vaginal hotspot? We’ve got answers.

Don’t you mean the G-spot?
Nope! The anterior fornix erogenous zone (a-spot) is located on the front wall of the vagina,
close to the cervix. 

What’s its deal?
When you stimulate it, you can get wetter and more physically aroused pretty quickly.
Oh, and it can lead to intense orgasms.


Ooh! How do I make that happen? 
Using firm-but-pleasant pressure, make a scooping motion against the a-spot. 

But I need clit stimulation in order to get off! 
Not a problem. A-spot play is even better when combined with stuff you already like.

I want to try it, but my fingers are too short. Bummer.
Sounds like a great time to reach for a longer toy like LADY Bi. The lengthy shaft lets you reach the a-spot effortlessly, while the extension will give you the clit vibration you crave!