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Sex & Fun

Spring brings new oomph to your bedroom.
Plus: our top 5 tips!

Spring is in the air! The days are getting longer, the temperatures milder, the birds are singing – and between man and woman romance is also budding.

Already the first warm rays of sunshine have put that spring in your step, brought feel-good moods and a little flirtatiousness. But what is it exactly that causes those butterflies in your stomach? Dr. med. Axel-Jürg Potempa, urologist and sexologist from Munich, has the answer: “Due to more sunshine in spring, the ‘feel-good’ hormone serotonin is released in larger amounts. This hormone awakens euphoric feelings of pleasure“ or in other words, spring wakes us up at last from our long winter hibernation.

Spring = sun = flirtatiousness & experimentation

In short, spring is not only the perfect time to fall in love, it’s made for couples who want to bring new va va voom into their relationships... whether it’s a romantic walk amongst the blossoms and budding leaves, an elegant candlelight dinner, or, even better, a sensual gift for those intimate moments together. A magical gift for your sweetheart: the rechargeable MiniVIBRATOR CALICE, shaped like a budding flower in soft pastels – as if made for tingling spring sensations. And the best of all: the small CALICE disappears discretely into the FUN FACTORY TOYBAG in the twinkling of an eye – great for travel!

Important: single people should also take action in the erotic department. Love balls, pulsators and co. offer sexy inspiration for new sensual experiences – whether solo or with a partner. So in short, there’s only one thing left to say – true spring feelings begin with science and technology, but the results of this mix will leave you tingling to your toes.

Top 5 tips to enjoy a sensual spring to the full!

Tip 1: A sunbath in bed


Admittedly, for an outside tête-à-tête it’s still a little too fresh. Our tip: wait fort he midday sun, open your bedroom window and, lying on your bed, enjoy the mild air, the warm sunshine and the feeling of our velvety soft TOYS on your skin. Bet you’ll hear the birds chirping?! ;-)

Tip 2: CALICE – let desire bloom!

Women enjoy their first TOY experience in an especially lovely way with CALICE – the rechargeable MiniVIBRATOR in five enchanting pastel colors. The best of all: the tender floral design doesn’t just decorate your night table wonderfully – the gentle bend of the TOY stimulates the G-spot with pinpoint accuracy, and the groove of the stylized bud indulges the clitoris and labia.

Tip 3: Floral scents!

Not only is CALICE the ultimate reason to have more flowers in your bedroom – research also recommends certain fragrances for sensual moments. Lilies of the valley work, for example, as an aphrodisiac. Also sensually scented massage oils can add a special touch to lovemaking. Begin with relaxing, full body partner massages – the rest will follow... all by itself.

Tip 4: The way to the heart is through the stomach

Healthy, low-calorie spring aphrodisiacs that taste good to boot? Asparagus and strawberries! Find a light recipe for a delicious asparagus and strawberry salad. No time to cook? Then stick with the strawberries, adding these sweet fruits into your lovemaking repertoire.

Tip 5: Fresh look for your four walls

A spring-clean extreme: how about a fresh lick of paint for the bedroom? One wall in red for sensual, erotic and experimental adventures, or the color yellow for playful feel-good sex.

Can’t be bothered to get the brushes out? That’s okay. The right decor and colorful sheets can work magic too.