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Sex & Fun

The erotic toys for men are called DUKE, FLAME and COBRA LIBRE II. Masturbators, penisrings, male vibrators and Co are rising in popularity because the fantasies of our male friends are diverse.

How to get a man revved up and other sinful secrets.

He just wants to play – Love toys for men

Male toys – it's not just about fast cars, planes or boats anymore. When it comes to erotic toys there's lots on offer for men too. But what is meant by “sex toys for men”? Basically every sex toy is an aid to releasing natural sexual drives.

For men what's trending now are the so-called masturbators, penis rings and stimulators for the most intimate places. You can quickly lose your bearings with such a diversity of erotic toys. Two, three hot favorites should definitely be noted.



Prostate Stimulators – the P-Spot

Every man should get to know the DUKE from FUN FACTORY. A noble prostate stimulator for experts and those who enjoy anal pleasures. When it comes to the G-Spot the men are right up there with the women. They've got their very own spot. Massaging the P-spot leads to erotic flights of ecstasy. With enough lubricant and a sensitive hand certain to be an unforgettable experience. 

Masturbators – a heady, passionate experience

COBRA LIBRE II – just say the name and thrilling scenes start to play out in your mind. This male toy from FUN FACTORY is the sex toy for the discerning man. When penetrating the masturbator the glans is pushed back and snugly surrounded by soft silicone with an arousing effect. Two powerful motors release pulsating vibrations below the sensitive glans for right-on stimulation.



Penis Rings – Yes, I do!

Penis rings, also called cock rings, can be made out of leather, latex, rubber, silicone, soft plastics or metal and is placed over the penis, glans or scrotum. The soft, elastic penis rings create a longer-lasting and harder erection. The pleasant build-up effect isn't dangerous but it shouldn't be worn more than 20-30 minutes. 

FUN FACTORY LOVERINGS will turn your best part into the crown jewels.