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Sex & Fun

When it’s hot outside, nothing feels quite as nice as splashing around with your sweetie. This summer, beat the heat by taking your sex life out of the bedroom (be honest: do you even want to look at a blanket right now?) and into the water with these pro tips.

#1 Lube up
Water washes away your natural lubrication, making sexytimes less than comfortable. Even water-based lube rinses off immediately! Instead, bring a bottle of water-resistant silicone lube to keep things nice and slick. 

Careful! If you’re using a silicone toy, cover it with a condom first. Silicone lube and silicone toys don’t play well together.

#2 Get sexy in the shower
Shower sex is the crowd favorite when it comes to sex in water - all the fun, without having to leave your home! Plus, everyone looks amazing with water cascading over them. Make sure you pick a position you feel sturdy in, or it can turn into a scary game of Twister! 

Pro tip: Got a detachable shower head? Up close, that water pressure is extra stimulating.  


#3 Get wet with jets
Do you have access to a private pool or hot tub? Consider the possibilities of those powerful jets of water that already feel so good against the knot in your back. 

#4 Get rained on
Feeling daring? Making out in the summer rain feels daring and refreshing. If you have a place you can get it on outdoors, even better.

#5 Keep it on ice
Want to cool off, but don’t feel like a full-body soak? Running ice cubes along each other’s skin is a tried and true way to tease each other in the summer heat.


Want to take your vibe with you while you play? All FUN FACTORY vibrators are at least shower-friendly, and most are 100% waterproof!