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Sex & Fun


Is your calendar packed with beach parties, barbecues, and summer travel? Between all your fun plans, it can be hard to make time for sex. But don’t worry! Even if you’ve only got a fifteen minute window, these quickie tips will leave you feeling satisfied.


#1 Dirty talk

Get each other in the mood fast by saying exactly what you want to do to each other. (Not feeling chatty? You can still make some noise to let your partner know how much you like what’s going on.) Better yet, prep for the occasion by texting each all your dirty thoughts throughout the day.

#2 Use a vibrator to amp your arousal

Vibrators aren’t just for orgasms. (Although we’re not complaining about that part.) They also boost physical arousal by increasing blood flow where it counts. When you’re getting hot and heavy in a hurry, a couple-friendly vibe like the LAYA II can be your BFF. With a battery-operated vibe like the pocket-size VOLITA, you don't even have to wait for the toy to charge but can start right away! 

#3 Use lube for the perfect quickie

If there’s a vag in the mix, there’s a good chance that a few minutes isn’t enough time to get as wet as you’d like. Bring on the lube like TOYFLUID! (Also, always add lube for anal!) As a bonus, the feeling of wetness reminds your brain that something sexy is happening, which gets you more turned on, for an awesome feedback loop of arousal. Additionally, a long vibe like the LADY Bi can be used to massage the a-spot, the area behind the cervix, which can increase arousal and lubrication.



#4 Mix up the familiar and the taboo

This isn’t the moment to try out an acrobatic new position: this time, stick to the moves you both already love. That doesn’t mean that your quickie has to be “the sex that we normally have, but faster.” Add an element of taboo by having sex anywhere but in bed, wearing something extra racy, adding some light restraint, or anything else that gets you excited.  

#5 Make a playlist that gets you in the mood

While it’s smart to set a timer, the shrill beeping can be a real buzzkill. Instead, make a short playlist of songs that get you in the mood. When the playlist runs out, you’ll know it’s time to wrap up, high five each other, and start getting dressed.