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Sex & Fun

Tap into your body’s potential for pleasure, and explore your prostate!

Warm up & dive in 

Before you put anything in your butt, get relaxed and turned on. Then, press gently against your butthole with a finger or a small toy, like you’re ringing a doorbell. Don’t force it; your ass will let you know when it’s ready.

Find your rhythm
The prostate loves a firm and steady pressure, but you get to find the exact speeds and sensations that make your body hum. Try vibration, focused massage, broader circles, long, slow strokes, and more.

Let your partner in on the FUN

Hand them the keys to your pleasure, whether that means massaging your perineum during your next BJ or strapping it on.

Let a plug do the work for you 
You don’t have to obsess about your ass in order to enjoy prostate play. Whether you’re jacking off or playing with a partner, a curved butt plug is a hands-free way to keep enjoying your p-spot. 

Give Your Ass What it Wants


Your love your vibrator. So will your butt. Even a little vibration around the asshole during foreplay can kick you sex into high gear.

Plugging One In
Perhaps the most versatile of alle but toys, the humble butt plug gives you an extra boost while you masturbate, have sex with a partner, or even do your grocery shopping (No one needs to know but you).

Intensify Your Orgasm with Anal Beads 
Lube up each bead and insert them one by one. When your're about to climax, pull them out slowly. As the beads come out, your butt will open and contract around them, making your orgasm even stronger. 

Think oral sex has to stop at the taint? Think again.

Bending Over 
Whether your partner is packing a factory-installed cock or a strap-on, very few things match the intimacy and pleasure of anal sex. Take turns choosing your favorite positions!

Prostata Q&A

What is it, actually?The prostate is a small gland that produces seminal fluid, which is part of what semen is made of.

And it’s in my butt
Not exactly, but if you put a finger or toy in your butt and press toward your belly, about two inches in, you can feel it. It will have a slightly rougher texture than the rest of your ass. You may even be able to feel it by pressing on your perineum, the area between the balls and the butthole.

Why would I want to do that?
Because it’s fun! Lots of people find that massaging the prostate feels amazing, on its own or in combination with other sensations, like blowjobs. You may experience deeper, more intense orgasms from prostate play. Some people even have multiples! Also, regular prostate massage is great for your health.  

That does sound good, but I’m straight. Doesn’t prostate play make you gay?
It’s not a magic button. If you’re not gay before you touch your prostate, you won’t be gay after. You’ll just be a straight dude who has better sex than he used to. 

I want that! Where do I start?
Try exploring your prostate solo, or recruit a lucky partner. Use lots of lube. Start with a finger or a small toy, get comfortable and turned on, and go for it! Discover what sensations feel best: firm massage, circling, tapping, vibration. Have FUN!