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Sex & Fun

Pelvic floor muscles that are in shape strengthen your inner middle and make sex more intense – for both partners.

Targeted training and uncomplicated exercises for every day. Just fifteen minutes a day is enough to achieve noticeable results. 

Pelvic floor – regular training for a new feeling during sex

If you want to feel your partner more intensely and experience fabulous orgasms, then give your pelvic floor some special attention. Just fifteen minutes “training” a day is enough to feel noticeable, long-lasting results.

Pelvic floor gymnastics – really easy and extremely effective.

Love balls or pelvic floor balls are an effective training tool for the pelvic floor musculature. FUN FACTORY provides the SMARTBALLS in two varieties, one for beginners and one for more experienced users. To start training you use just one ball and then work up to training with two balls. You can either do exercises with them or just keep them in for up to 30 minutes at a time while you go about your day. Everyday activities suffice to train the pelvic floor muscles in a fun way. The steady and fast rotation of the inner-lying ball train the reaction of the inner musculature so that the sexual experiences of both partners is considerably more passionate and sensational after training. 

SMARTBALL UNO for beginners and SMARTBALLS DUO for experienced users 

Below the belt – tips & tricks for every day

In addition to SMARTBALLS there are other tips and tricks for every day that are easy to implement to strengthen the pelvic floor. Most important is working these small training periods into a woman's daily schedule. The good thing is that women can go about their usual activities mostly undisturbed. The following tips also train your pelvic floor: 

Lifting something is best done with legs wide apart, slightly wider than hips. Bent knees and a straight back are also important to ensure nothing goes wrong. Coughing and sneezing are best done in an erect position. It's best to cough or sneeze over your shoulder. Drinking a lot is also a good tip when it comes to your pelvic muscles, because a filled bladder trains the muscles. When on the toilet, tip your upper body back slightly and even when it sounds strange, rock back and forth slightly. Your pelvic floor will thank you for it.

Those who also regularly train with FUN FACTORY SMARTBALLS will be sure to glow with the noticeable effects.