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Sex & Fun

Here’s how you can show your G-spot a good time.

Get turned on!
Your G-spot will be easier to find and way more fun to play with when you’re already aroused. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

Come hither.
Curl your finger like you’re gesturing for someone to join you. From here, you can give the G-spot the pressure it craves. Try tapping against it, massaging it, and circling it.

Add a toy to the mix.
A dildo or vibrator can be an amazing addition to your arsenal. Choose one with a curved shape to help you reach the G-spot more easily.

Find your power position.
When you’re playing with a partner, find positions that press their dick or dildo against the front wall of your vagina, for better G-spot access. Work with their curve, and don’t be afraid to prop your hips up with pillows to achieve that perfect angle.

Plug in.
Slip in a butt plug before you play. Not only is it fun on its own, but also just having it there will push your partner or your favorite toy right into your G-spot!