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Sex & Fun

We surveyed three thousand people all over the U.S., Germany, and France about their sexual habits, and found some surprising, naughty, and funny results! For example: while people were divided about the very worst thing a partner could do in bed, there were three clear top contenders. 

So, here are the three worst things you can do in bed—and how you can do better. Counting down from the third-most-hated to the absolute worst…

3. Failing to reciprocate.

Sometimes it’s fun to focus on one person’s pleasure, but if getting off and then getting dressed is your norm, it’s time to shape up. 

For those times when you’re so sex-addled that you can’t remember your own name, let alone find your partner’s prostate, a vibrator can save your reputation as a partner-pleasing stud. Try a dual action vibe like MiSS Bi, which targets your partner’s hotspots with two powerful motors, or effortlessly amp up a handjob with the rumbling vibrations of the COBRA LIBRE II penis head vibrator. 

Not lasting as long as you’d like? Let your partner choose a dildo, and keep the action going! We’re partial to the BOUNCER, which contains three weighted balls that rumble, bounce, and roll as it moves, giving your partner twice the fun for every thrust.  

2. Checking your phone

Is it an emergency? No? Then put it down. 

Instead, occupy your hands with something more – ahem – pertinent. Tease your partner’s clit with a small and very silent vibrator such like SEMILINO or JOUPIE! Cup your partner’s balls with a LAYASPOT for a better beej! Isn’t that more fun than hitting refresh? 

1. Not being clean and hygienic

We’re assuming that you grasp basic cleanliness, but everyone gets dirty sometimes. If dancing with your date has unleashed your inner stinkbug, then invite them into the shower with you and distract them with a waterproof vibrator like the powerful and flexible TIGER while you let the cleansing waters wash over you. Cunning! 

Congratulations! You are now better in bed.