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Sex & Fun

Sex toys and Cocktails for your Summer of FUN


Ready to get wild this summer? Or just want to relax with a cool drink?
We’ve written down a few of our favorite summer cocktail (and mocktail!) recipes—and rather than pairing them with food, we’ve paired them with the toys we think you’ll enjoy the most with each one. Let the summer of FUN begin!

Fresh and Green Frozen Mojito + FUN FACTORY MISS BI BLACK LINE dual action toy


Fresh and Alluring 
Frozen Mojito + MISS BI BLACK LINE

2oz simple syrup 
3oz fresh lime juice
10-15 mint leaves 
4oz rum 
2 cups ice 

Pour the syrup, lime juice, and mint leaves, and rum into a blender, and pulse a few times to combine them. Add the ice, and blend. Serves two.

A powerful dual action toy meets a classic summer treat! Get ready for a night you won’t forget. MISS BI – BLACK LINE overwhelms your senses, with two independently controlled motors that deliver bass tone vibration to multiple hotspots. Try out a range of positions with this vibe’s firm-yet-flexible shaft and extension, which use FlexiFUN Technology™ to move with your motion and makes it the perfect accessory for a wild and spontaneous summer.

Shandy + FUN FACTORY BI STRONIC FUSION Pulsator and Vibrator in one toy!


Effortlessly Satisfying

Pilsner of your choice
Sparkling lemonade
Pint glass 

Fill about ¾ of the pint glass with pilsner. Fill the rest with the lemon soda. Enjoy.

As far as summer cocktails go, the shandy is one of the simplest and most refreshing. For an afternoon of lazy hedonism, pair it with the BI STRONIC FUSION, which combines internal thrusts and pulses with external vibration for the most fun you’ve ever had without using your hands. 

Pineapple Sakelini + FUN FACTORY LADY BI double action vibrator


Hot Summer Morning
Pineapple Sakelini + LADY BI

Chilled sparkling sake
Pineapple juice 
Apple slice to garnish

Combine in a one-to-one ratio. Try not to spill on the sheets! 

Surprise your lover with breakfast in bed and this twist on familiar brunch cocktails like mimosas and Bellinis. Then, deliver powerful vibration to all their hotspots with this firm-yet-flexible two-motor dual action toy LADY BI.

Watermelon Refresher + FUN FACTORY SHAREVIBE couple vibrator


Stamina Boost
Watermelon Refresher + SHAREVIBE

4 cups frozen watermelon
2 oz simple syrup 
1.5 oz fresh lime juice 
4 oz tequila 

Blend until smooth. Serves two.

Summer heat can wilt even the strongest libido! When you’re feeling amorous but just can’t quite make yourself move, whip up a couple of these revitalizing fruit cocktails, and slip in your SHAREVIBE. The wearable, vibrating double dildo gives the wearer instant feedback with every thrust—an excellent reward for peeling yourself off the couch.

Whiskey Sour + FUN FACTORY BOOTIE RING anal plug with penis ring


A Step Up
Whiskey Sour + BOOTIE RING

1 oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz simple syrup 
2 oz bourbon 

Shake with ice and serve on the rocks with a lemon garnish and a cherry if you’re feeling fancy.

Sip this grown-up bourbon cocktail (no sour mix here!) between kisses, then slip into something more comfortable and get ready to expand your orgasm with the BOOTIE RING. 

Mocktail Mule + FUN FACTORY BÜCK DICH paddle and dildo in one sex toy


A Saucy Afternoon
Mocktail Mule + BÜCK DICH

1 lime 
Ginger beer (the spicier version of ginger ale—not alcoholic) 

Fill your mug with ice. (Use a traditional copper mug for Moscow Mules if you’re feeling ritzy. If not, any mug will do.) Cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice from one half into the mug.
Fill the rest with ginger beer. Garnish with a lime slice.

Don’t want booze? Don’t want vibration? Want to have an amazing time? We’ve got you covered. Pair this sweet and spicy mocktail with the BÜCK DICH—a toy that’s half firm, beginner-friendly paddle and half thrillingly-textured dildo, so you’re equally ready for a satisfying spanking or a ride to remember.