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Sex & Fun

Fresh and exclusive delivery: the results of our survey about SEX and SEXTOYS!
We asked 3.000 people in Germany, France and the US about their sexual life. 

SEX - solo or with a partner


#1 Good old handjob! 42% masturbate by hand. Vibrators and shower heads don’t stand a chance against the hand.

#2 1/3 of all Germans, Americans and the French have Sex more than just once a week: Concrete: 39% in the USA, 36% in France and 31% in Germany.

#3 35% of those asked want more varitey in the sack: 40% France, 35% USA and 30% Germany. 



#4 1/3 of the people use sextoys up to once a week. 53% use them at least once a month!

#5 44% of those asked in the US use sextoys. In Germany it’s 34 %. The French have some catching up to do – only 23 % use toys.

#6 62% of sextoy users were between 18-29 the first time they tried one. 20% 30-39, 8% 40-49 and 4% 50+.

What NOT to do


#7 Hygiene is suuuper important! 1/3 of those asked say an unwashed partner is an absolute No-Go!

#8 Cell phone = sex killer! 24% want you to turn your phone off.