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Sex & Fun

Thinking longingly of that hot trip you took last time? Regretting that you couldn’t swing a romantic getaway this year? Never fear! We’ve got the tools you need for a weekend at home that satisfies that vacation itch. 


#1 What to do
What do you like to do on vacation? Love to go to the spa? Give each other massages. Prefer to hit the museums? Practice your life drawing skills on each other. Just want to relax? Open your window, strip down to your bathing suit, and make yourself something sweet. 

#2 What to wear
Dress for vacation, not for a weekend at home in your pajamas! Wear something that makes you feel attractive and awesome. Feeling adventurous? Slip in a BOOTIE or B BALL UNO plug for stimulation all afternoon. 

#3 What to read
One of the great pleasures of a weekend away is relaxing while reading a page-turner. Set yourself up in your favorite room, in front of a fan, and disappear into a beach read. Better yet, pick up a book of erotica and take turns reading sections out loud to each other to get ideas. 


#4 Which toys to try
Your trusty vibrator will always be there for you - vacation sex is about trying something new! Discover all of the ways the MOODY’s ripples can work for you both, try every position you can think of with a thrusting, hands-free STRONIC pulsator, or challenge yourself to use all three BOOTIE plugs in one weekend.


#5 What to eat
A fruit salad is simple to make, feels like a tropical treat, and won’t heat up the kitchen when you prepare it. Fill it with aphrodisiacs like pomegranate seeds (to boost genital sensitivity), bananas (which deliver potassium-fueled muscle strength, intensifying orgasms), and watermelon (improves circulation). Finish up with a little vanilla ice cream. Despite its tame reputation, vanilla helps stimulate your nerves, making sex more enjoyable. 

#6 What to watch
A movie set in your destination of choice is the next best thing to being there! Lighten the mood with a cheesy holiday movie like Dirty Dancing, go for a classic love story like Roman Holiday, or simply pick a destination and see what you find!