• Free shipping
    • FUN FACTORY offers free shipping to all EU countries, Switzerland and Norway, no matter what the order value!
  • Discreet packaging
    • FUN FACTORY sends orders in industry standard unmarked boxes with a neutral sender address “FF GmbH” without any indication of its contents.
    • All FUN FACTORY toys are invented, developed, designed AND handcrafted in Bremen, Germany.

Sex & Fun


#126 Curious why we do what we do?! FUN FACTORY founders Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl wanted to create an appealing and body-safe alternative to the hyper-realistic, flesh-colored, and chemical-smelling rubber dildos that filled the market at the time.

#127 Both founders heard a female couple at a sex shop looking for a toy that was body-safe, harness-friendly, and not shaped like a penis. No such thing existed.

#128 They went back to Dirk’s kitchen and designed the PADDY PENGUIN—the first FUN FACTORY toy!

#129 The first FUN FACTORY toys were initially modeled from Play-Doh.

#130 Our first vibes were made in a garage workshop. Not exactly glamorous.


#131 Today’s FUN FACTORY toys are made in a state-of-the-art factory. The toys are designed mere yards away, in the same building.

#132 In 2003, only seven years after Dirk’s and Michael’s start, FUN FACTORY founded its first subsidiary in the USA.

#133 FUN FACTORY has kept our headquarters and production in Bremen, a German city straight out of a storybook, for over 20 years.

#134 Not only the FUN FACTORY is international, our employees are too! They hail from about 20 different countries.

#135 FUN FACTORY offices are decorated with art of residual silicone. The artist: “DNS”, a long-time factory employee!


#136 The company mascot and bestselling toy all over Europe is our PATCHY PAUL vibe.

#137 We love the Earth! Since July 2012, products within Germany have been shipped with a provider that works according to a "Total Zero Principle". This means that every parcel is shipped CO2-neutral.

Instead of plastic, FUN FACTORY relies completely on cardboard packaging.

#139 For printed products such as catalogues and brochures, the company opts for papers from exemplarily managed forests.

#140 Our FUN CUPs score among other things as an environmentally friendly alternative to tampons and pads. The ergonomically shaped menstrual cups save up to 140kg of waste per person, over a lifetime.


#141 Bestseller: pink! Throughout the world, toys in pink are by far the most frequently ordered.

#142 While many people like a lighter vibe like the CALICE, more people seem to prefer the deep, rumbling vibration of the MISS BI, MANTA or anything else from our G5 line.

#143 Another top seller is our couple toy, the SHAREVIBE: we sold a good 20,000 copies of the double dildos in 2015 alone.

#144 In China and Japan, our customers love the COBRA LIBRE II, our penis head vibrator. The quantities delivered to these regions are many times higher than to the rest of the world.

#145 A total of 20 different vibrators and dildos made by FUN FACTORY have won 62 awards and nominations.


#146 The most recent awards went to our popular vibrator OCEAN, which was awarded "very good" in the 2019 pollutant test by Stiftung Warentest. Our SMARTBALLS DUO in grape also convinced in the Öko-Test 2018, which also received the test rating "very good".

#147 That’s reason enough to go on working with popular designers such as Karim Rashid and Boris Hoppek.

#148 Often copied, never replicated! In 2010 the German negative prize "Plagiarius" – a black dwarf with a golden nose – went to a cheap copy of the FUN FACTORY SMARTBALLS.


#149 2011 another dwarf went to a manufacturer from China that built and sold a copy of the FUN FACTORY vibe PATCHY PAUL that looked deceptively real.

#150 Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The original is Made in Germany - Made for FUN.