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Sex & Fun

How long do orgasms last? Just what is pegging and how does it work? Where is the A-spot exactly? Which toy is the best choice for him or for her? Always wondered just where to go to put all your unanswered sex questions to bed?

Look no further – our SEX & FUN section is just the place to find answers and anecdotes, tips and tricks all about sex, sex toys, solo sex, relationships, games and myths – informative, but with the right mix of fun!
Everything you need, need to know or want to learn about great sex is right here to be discovered. Whether already in the know, new to the game or just simply curious...it’s all right here for you to enjoy.

Get to know all about the best toys in the world including their beginnings, how-to guides, tips and recommendations. Don’t know which G-spot vibrator is the right one for you? What’s so special about a pulsator and what kinds of things can you get up to using anal chains? Click your way through our TOY TIPS to learn more about each different toy the FUN FACTORY has to offer!


Discover all you need to know about sex, love, masturbation, relationships, role playing, pegging, S/M, bondage plus other games and fetishes in SEX TIPS. Which love toys are specially suited for men and what makes women happy? Want a guaranteed orgasm? Then browse through our tips to learn all about the perfect G-spot stimulation! Find out what turns you on!


Do you know how long couples last in bed or how many sperm a man produces in a lifetime? How long have sex toys actually been around? How many nerves does the clitoris have and how many women really have multiple orgasms? Read all about myths, findings and bizarre and funny stories about sex, sexuality, toys and eroticism here. Don’t miss out on these FUN FACTS!

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