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Love Toys

Love toy – a turbo boost for partnerships

Love toy – a turbo boost for partnerships

Love is like (among other things) football. The number of passionate theoreticians and experts is extremely high. Everyone's got something to say, has tips, a real-life experience. Yet, in real terms it's not all that overwhelming. In spite of all the songs, films, books and poems about love, with a closer look, everyone's favorite topic (love and sex) has a hard time keeping its place in the premiere league. The mental conditioning of the (usually two person) team, their fitness and motivation are always in danger of being outdone by the day-to-day grind. So lots of people have to decide when it comes to love to either change their teammate or their attitude. The latter can be considerably helped by passionate training with an erotic love toy.

Fancy Diversity 

Love toys now are available in all sorts of varieties from the simple but effective penis ring to vibrating toys and electrifying vaginal ticklers like a pulsator. And don't forget the father of all love toys – the dildo! Invented in ancient times these trusty tools are enjoying their umpteenth revival. 

And not necessarily the flesh-tone plastic version found in those dusty shops near the train station, but rather the more appealing and successful line - cheerful, colorful and in ergonomic, aesthetic and arousing shapes. The dildo developments from FUN FACTORY give creed to contemporary, creative love toys, equally stressing love and playfulness. An exciting way to give partnerships new impulses. Currently trending are love toys which also are good to your health because they are made of 100% medical grade silicone. Those who expect more action from their love toy, can set the dildo aside and reach boldly for the vibrator. The high-quality toys in this new generation can be tuned exactly to individual desires for function and intensity. So the game is certain to go into overtime.