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Love Balls

Love balls – a special kind of training

Truly magical balls! Love balls provide effective training for pelvic floor muscles while going about everyday activities.

Walking, running, climbing stairs – with little effort a totally new feeling during sex is achieved for her and him.

LOVE BALLS – bringing sex full circle

Vaginal balls can be used to boost sexual stimulation as well as strengthen the pelvic floor musculature. The smart balls make it possible to train the pelvic floor in a playful way all while going about your usual activities. The smart balls train the reaction of the inner musculature and lastingly strengthen the pelvic floor.

There are two varieties – with one ball and with two balls so that beginners can first get used to the feeling before working up to two. The love balls from FUN FACTORY are called SMARTBALLS UNO and SMARTBALLS DUO. SMARTBALLS DUO are particularly suited for those who have already successfully trained with SMARTBALLS UNO. Plus, SMARTBALLS UNO are perfect for women with a prolapsed uterus or a tipped uterus who want to simply and easily get their pelvic floor muscles back into shape.

Recommended by midwives and gynecologists  

The extremely high running smoothness of the SMARTBALLS as well as the steady and fast rotation of the inner lying balls are made possible by innovative technology. An ergonomically shaped finger hollow ensures easy insertion. So a woman can go about whatever she is doing with no disturbance while training diligently. The SMARTBALLS are inserted in the vagina lengthwise with a drop of TOYFLUID and the retrieval band remains outside the body. One only needs to move a little bit and the training is already in full swing.

Some think it's too bad that using vaginal balls doesn't end in an orgasm. Yet after the training, sexual moments are even more passionate because trained musculature leads to more sensation during sex. A woman experiences more intense feeling and for the man it's a fantastic sensation to feel more tightly held. All in all, it comes full circle.