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A Walk on Life's Sensual Side

When it comes to art, cooking, sports or other essential areas of life, people are constantly looking for special qualities, the exceptional, the attractive and the appealing. This search often leads down an uncertain windy path when it comes to the erotic – an area which is meant to be one of the most beautiful and thrilling parts in a person's life. For a long time sex toys have wiled away in a smutty niche in which the quality and aesthetic seemed as unhealthy and revolting as the sales rooms in which they were presented. Particularly many women – although having clearly shown interest in stimulation – couldn't find fulfilling satisfaction in the unappealing erotic aids which mostly came from Asia. Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl decided to do something about the situation. In 1996, the recent university graduates got down to passionate work.

Let the Games Begin!

The mission of the FUN FACTORY founders was to develop sex toys which fulfilled high standards by providing quality and functionality combined with fun and sensuality, and thereby entice women and men to passionately use pulsators, dildos, vibtrators and other toys without any misplaced shame. The idea was a hit. The very first inventions, all individual products, quickly found a huge fan base which is still growing today. FUN FACTORY's original philosophy hasn't changed from its early days, but the company has. The “two men at one kitchen table” company has become one of Europe's largest manufacturer of sensual silicone toys. In 2000, it moved to a stylish modern headquarters right on the Weser River in the company’s founding city Bremen, Germany and in 2003, it opened a branch in the USA. It appears that only one thing could stop FUN FACTORY’s success – a sudden drop of interest in sex....