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Mut zum... perfekten Liebhaber

Mut zum... perfekten Liebhaber

Erotic insider tips from a “sexpert "

  • erotic books to heat things up
  • for perfect lovers
  • playful yet precise
  • valuable know-how
  • Language: GERMAN
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Mut zum... perfekten Liebhaber

A how-to book that really delivers. With an enthusiastic yet precise manner it lets men in on the secret of how to use their erotic talents to turn any woman's head. Disarming truths and valuable tips – for just one night or for a lifetime.

  • Erotic books to heat things up
  • For perfect lovers
  • Playful yet precise
  • Valuable know-how

“Mut zu…” become the perfect lover

Not just women need special tips to get their personal erotic groove going. Men too can easily manage the transformation to the perfect lover and dream husband with a few tricks and tweaks.

“Mut zu...” (currently not available in English, but only in German) describes with enthusiasm and exactitude just what a man has to know to please a woman with the greatest finesse. Untold secrets are revealed here so that the Casanovas of the future know exactly how a love-hungry woman recognizes the perfect lover and how to win over the object of their affection. From the basics of seduction to the three ways to sleep with a woman to the heart of lovemaking, the facts are gathered here that make your love life more exciting and arousing.

“Mut zu…” (currently not available in English, but only in German) is a series of little handbooks dedicated to detailing in a playful yet precise way all the popular sex methods. The original editions of these books entitled “Ose...” have been bestsellers in France for several years. Now for the first time, three books from the series have been translated into German (currently not available in English).

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