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Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

The FUN FACTORY gift certificate: nice to have a choice.

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  • Choose your heart's desire
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The FUN FACTORY 50€ gift certificate: truly a personal gift

The FUN FACTORY gift certificate – always a surprise.

  • Voucher
  • Redeem online
  • Shop online
  • Choose your heart's desire
  • Birthday gift

A present? That's often a tricky one. What's special for the person who really has it all? With and without laces, from salmon warmer to electric bottle opener? As experts on new approaches we have the answer: Give a FUN FACTORY gift certificate – because you can simply never have enough fun. Unlike other gift vouchers, one from FUN FACTORY has a uniquely personal touch because of the intimate nature of our products and the huge selection to choose from. The 20, 50 and 100 Euro gift certificates don't have to be redeemed in full all at once. Remaining money can be used towards another purchase at a later occasion.


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