• Free shipping
    • FUN FACTORY offers free shipping to all EU countries, Switzerland and Norway, no matter what the order value!
  • Discreet packaging
    • FUN FACTORY sends orders in industry standard unmarked boxes with a neutral sender address “FF GmbH” without any indication of its contents.
    • All FUN FACTORY toys are invented, developed, designed AND handcrafted in Bremen, Germany.

Affiliate Registration




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Enjoy Bragging Rights

This is an invite-only program; all applications will be manually reviewed by the affiliate manager. We work with affiliates with established followers and/or a unique perspective and audience. As software we use the affiliate program Post Affiliate Pro. Post Affiliate Pro let's us track clicks and signups and assign them to the right affiliates with the option of reports and payouts. 

Refer and Earn

As a Fun Factory Affiliate you’ll earn a 20% commission on every purchase made by someone using your affiliate link. We will provide you with all of the product information and media you’ll need. You will also be given access to a dashboard to help you keep track of how much you earn.


The standard payment method is bank transfer. If you prefer to be paid with PayPal, change the details in your settings after successful registration. We pay each month once the total amount has reached 50€. If 50€ is not met in a month, the total will be carried over and applied to the following month’s total.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Provide the information required above and click the REGISTER button to submit the information. The affiliate manager will then review the application and approve those that are a good fit. Once approved, we’ll provide you with all the materials you need to send customers our way and start collecting a commission. All the hard work has been done; all you need to do is tell your friends and market to your audience.

How can I reach potential customers?

You can advertise Fun Factory products on your blog, website, and/or social media. You can also send an email with a link to your subscribers list. Need some extra flair? We can help create banners or other digital assets for you.

How does tracking work? 

Post Affiliate Pro implements advanced types of tracking to create accurate tracking results. Weak tracking methods as IP address tracking or browser cookie tracking are just complementary tracking methods to strong flash cookie tracking. Post Affiliate Pro always uses the strongest possible tracking methods, and falls down only in the event tracking methods are not available for a specific visitor.

The cookie lifetime is set to 30 days. The 30-day period is restarted each time a user visits the Fun Factory website. If the user of a partner page finds their way through another partner page to the FUN FACTORY website, the "First cookie wins model" applies, i.e. regardless of whether the visitor reaches the target page of the advertising medium via other affiliate pages at a later point, only the first cookie set counts. The affiliate who first drew the user's attention to the brand receives the commission.

Can I recruit other affiliates?

We may explore this option in the future, as and if the program is expanded. At the moment, we’re choosing to give an exclusive group of affiliates our full attention.